About Micha Baker

About Micha Baker

Micha was born in 1974 and comes from a real artistic family, his father is also a passionate artist. So the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

At the beginning of his career he lived in Brazil.
Nowadays he lives and works both in Israel and the Netherlands.

Over a period of several years he took lessons in different techniques with various artists and started training in illustrative design.

During this period, he found the sources of inspiration for his current works of mixed-media art and he uses the modern possibilities to create these works.

Micha mainly paints pop art and figurative art and his vocabulary consists of modern day heroes such as comic figures, pop stars, women, celebrities and entertainment icons.

Art with a nod to the current times, where everyone is busy and sometimes loses sight of reality. The techniques and materials he uses in his Unique Editions and mix-media originals are very diverse.

Through renowned galleries, his works of art now find their way into multiple countries.

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