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100x120 cm

Present for you babe- Micha Baker

100x100 cm

Balloon mouse – Micha Baker

100x100 cm

My name is Duck Duck – Micha Baker

Micha Baker

Micha Baker is a self-taught artist who has been painting since childhood. He comes from a family of artists, so it’s no surprise that he shares their passion for art.

Micha was born in 1974 and spent most of his life in Brazil. Nowadays he lives and works both in Israel and in the Netherlands.

For a number of years, Micha took lessons from various artists and started training in illustrative design. In this he found the sources of inspiration for his current work – mix-media – and uses modern possibilities to create his works.

Micha mainly paints pop art and figurative works where his heroes such as cartoon characters, pop stars, women and often famous characters are part of his vocabulary. Art with a nod to the current time in which everyone is busy and sometimes loses sight of reality. The techniques and materials that Micha uses in his works are very diverse in his Unique Editions and mix media originals. His works of art now find their way to renowned galleries in various countries.

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